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Welcome to our School - Gimnasio Fontana

Gimnasio Fontana

Gimnasio fontan
Gimnasio fontan

You gave them wings,
and together we will teach them how to fly

 - Gimnasio Fontana
feria de la ciencia - Gimnasio Fontana
 - Gimnasio Fontana
 - Gimnasio Fontana
Carrera Verde - Gimnasio Fontana
bailarinas colegio gimnasio fontana - Gimnasio Fontana
Estudiantes con pensamiento global Gimnasio Fontana - Gimnasio Fontana
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We form students with global thought, own identity and criteria, able to create ideas to transform the reality.
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We are an innovative educational institution open to the change and with a consolidated educational community, where each student is a unique person, known by his name, his talent, abilities and respected in his essence.

  • Curricular Integration

    Learning spaces connected with the reality

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  • International Accreditation

    Internationalization and Continuous Improvement

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  • Bilingualism and third Language

    Learning and command of Spanish, English and French 

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  • Creative Pedagogy

     Integration of sciences and arts for development of creativity 

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Gimnasio Fontana - Amparo Triana. Principal Gimnasio Fontana
At Gimnasio Fontana we form students able to confront a changing, complex and globalized world, where there will be professions not yet existing, problems that we dot foresee until now and technologies that we do not know so far …

- Amparo Triana. Principal Gimnasio Fontana -

Gimnasio Fontana - Familia Devia Varón
Our children have discovered their strengths and have developed tools to communicate and perform in this world through the adoption of a second language and their approach to a third language.

- Familia Devia Varón -

Gimnasio Fontana - Lombana Martínez Family
Thanks to the excellent academic, ethics and moral formation, the future of my children is very well defined; they will be prepared to assume life’s challenge with strength, character and knowledge

- Lombana Martínez Family -

Gimnasio Fontana - Laura Puerto. Promoción 2003. Diseñadora de Video Juegos
Las experiencias del colegio me dieron la autoestima necesaria para pensar out of the box y encontrar formas más divertidas y creativas de hacer las cosas.

- Laura Puerto. Promoción 2003. Diseñadora de Video Juegos -

Gimnasio Fontana - Carlos Eduardo Pérez. Egresado Promoción 2014
The love and respect I feel for the nature and the world that surrounds me, are the biggest lessons that I have learned in School. The have helped me become a happier person and have convinced me of taking the path into Biology.

- Carlos Eduardo Pérez. Egresado Promoción 2014 -

Gimnasio Fontana - Alejandra Zarate. Promoción 2004
The school helped me develop a clear mental structure that helps me learn easily, solve problems and work in different settings with people form all over the world.

- Alejandra Zarate. Promoción 2004 -

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