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Welcome to our School - Gimnasio Fontana

Gimnasio Fontana

Gimnasio fontan
Gimnasio fontan

You gave them wings,
and together we will teach them how to fly

Special Services - Gimnasio Fontana

Special Services


Gimnasio Fontana recognizes the importance of proper nourishment as an integral part of human development. As such, the School offers a healthy and balanced variety of foods for snacks and lunches, based on the concept of  “Fresh and Seasonal Cooking”

We strive to develop healthy eating habits within our students from an early age, and at the same time for them to realize and value the importance of spaces like the Cafeteria, as a place for gathering and socialization.

Lunch is offered in all Sections of the School - Preschool, Primary, Middle and High School 

All students from Pre-kindergarten to Grade 1 take two snacks a day, as well as lunch.

From Grade 2 onwards, students can buy their own snack at the snack bar, which has a wide variety of healthy foods.

Special dietary needs:

Students, who require it, are offered specific food alternatives, such as a vegetarian menu, kosher menu, prescribed custom menus, etc.  

Our Kitchen Team:

The team is made up of 16 people who are passionate about cooking, led by a specialized Chef. 

Weekly Menu:

To check this week’s menu, visit our newspaper FUENTE ( hipervínculo a Fuente)

What is included in the daily lunch menu ?

  • A portion of fruit (two options)
  • A portion of salad
  • A portion of soup
  • A carbohydrate (two options)
  • A protein (two options)
  • A beverage (with or without sugar)
  • A sweet/dessert

“Fresh and Seasonal Cooking”, consists of finding the best ingredients when they are in season, and prepare them using local or international techniques, but always respecting the produce’s own goodness.

This is why you will find dishes that highlight the natural flavor of ingredients and are inspired by Colombian, Peruvian, Italian, Spanish and Asian cuisine, among others. 


For the last four years, Transportes Loyola has been handling transport services for the School, transporting our students with comfort and safety.

The company has ISO 90001, 14001 Y 180001 certifications and is currently in the process of obtaining a Carbon Footprint certification.  

There are 47 bus routes offered within Bogota, Chia, Cota and parts of Cajicá. Their vehicles include Minivans, big and small buses.


All vehicles include: 

  • Speed Control Device (SCD): Operating via satellite, which monitors speed 
  • Communication equipment: radiophone and cellphones 
  • GPS technology: to locate all the vehicles at all times.  See Users Manual. ( link a documento adjunto)
  • Assistant/Monitor in each bus: highly qualified bus assistants
  • Fire extinguishers and First Aid kits

For more information about the company visit


The Medical Service at Gimnasio Fontana is managed by a specialized doctor and a nurse, and provides the school community with first aid, emergency and outpatient services.  

Doctor Francisco Darío Zuleta, Chairman of the School’s Board of Directors and Occupational Health Coordinator, established the Medical Service in 1995, with the aim of promoting a healthy school environment, where students, teachers and staff adopt habits that allow them to live a healthy life.

Likewise, information campaigns and other strategies are used to promote the prevention of diseases and risks that affect our health in our normal lives.

Once a student is admitted to the school, the Medical Service opens a file to keep track of important information about their health, specific treatments, and special requirements.

We rely on the services of Emermedica to transfer emergency cases to the city’s healthcare centers.

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Para cualquier información relacionada con transporte y alimentación puede comunicarse con:

Mercy Castrellón

Directora de Operaciones

PBX. (571) 7420303 Ext. 114

Find us on: