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Gimnasio Fontana

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Gimnasio fontan

You gave them wings,
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New Technologies - Gimnasio Fontana

New Technologies

The School has a team for Information and Communication Technology (ICT), which is responsible for all the technological, information and audiovisual activities for the entire community, such as training, IT security, technical support, updates and procurement of technological infrastructure. On the academic front, ICT develops IT and audiovisual training, based on International Standards for Technological Education.



Computer labs (desktops and laptops)

 to promote the curricular integration of IT with other areas of knowledge.



Audiovisual and photography classroom

For students in Middle and High School, to gain knowledge and tools to learn in the fields of photography, edition and production of video/audio, web design and multimedia.



Interactive “Smartboards”

 Which allow lessons to be dynamic, customized and collaborative between teachers and students.

Smartboards video



Introduction of these devices in classrooms, to support teachers and students in the learning process, by providing swift access to information, particularly digital books, and teacher prepared material.

We are implementing this provision in Grade 8 and 9, and will gradually roll it out throughout the school

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ICDL: Teachers with a International Computer Driving License


All teachers at Gimnasio Fontana are trained and certified in technological competences in the different ICDL modules, such as: computer essentials, operating system, word processing, presentation and spreadsheets. This allows teachers to understand and stay updated on new technologies, and apply them to their own teaching strategies.

Academic support technology

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Safety on the Net

Gimnasio Fontana has a robust technological platform that allows regular monitoring and manages students’ access to local networks and the Internet. The system can restrict access, filter content and prevent cyber-virus attacks, significantly reducing the risk of students accessing inappropriate information while on the network.

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