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Welcome to our School - Gimnasio Fontana

Gimnasio Fontana

Gimnasio fontan
Gimnasio fontan

You gave them wings,
and together we will teach them how to fly

ZOOM - Gimnasio Fontana
ZOOM - Gimnasio Fontana


 - Gimnasio Fontana

Communicate with sense in the Digital Era

The Communications Project seeks to apply theory into practice in internal and external communications, by implementing a policy that promotes a coherent and effective use of digital tools for administrative and learning purposes.

This policy is a building block in our organizational culture and identity, and will prepare students and teachers to live in a world that is characterized by globalization and digital communication.

Strategies in this project include:

  • Awareness and training, for students and teachers, in the use of social networks and digital media  
  • Production of content in digital and print formats
  • Production of news broadcast GF News
  • Radio Station
  • Promotion of the use of audiovisual and digital materials when exploring several areas of knowledge  

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