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Welcome to our School - Gimnasio Fontana

Gimnasio Fontana

Gimnasio fontan
Gimnasio fontan

You gave them wings,
and together we will teach them how to fly

 - Gimnasio Fontana

Discover a world without frontiers

Fontana Travel and learning (FTL) strategic proyect is an integral pilar that coordinates three programs of great impact in the formation and life plan of all the students: “Conoce Colombia, Intercambios Culturales and University Counselling”. We have to take into consideration that the experiences the students have in the overseas and the pedagogical visits are vital in maintain an harmony between the practice and the theory, facilitating the “self-learning” and the integral development of the boys and girls.

Know Colombia
Cultural Exchanges
Know Colombia

The footprints of those who walk together can never be erased.

Know Colombia is a project established to integrate the academic curriculum, encourage environmental awareness, as well as personal growth, through study field trips for every Grade level.  These excursions are also intended to develop new skills, strengthen the students’ sense of national identity and, as a result of spending time outdoors, encourage reflection on how to interact ethically with the environment.

During the academic year 2013 – 2014, we successfully carried out 15 study field trips to different regions of our country. The percentage of student participation in these trips, from Babyland up to Grade 11, was of 83% (751 students).


Students have the opportunity to visit genuine natural reserves across the country and see places that they may not normally visit with their families:

  • Pre-school - Gimnasio fontana



    Botanical Garden - Tabio


    Bioparque La Reserva – Cota


    Valle Verde Farm – Ubaté 

  • Primary - Gimnasio fontana


    Grade 1:  Guatavita

    Grade 2: Chicaque Natural Park – Sabana de Bogotá

  • Primary - Gimnasio fontana


    Grade 3:  Ráquira Silvestre, Boyacá

    Grade 4: Villa de Leyva


  • MIDDLE SCHOOL - Gimnasio fontana


    Grade 5: Paipa

    Grade 6: Barichara

    Grade 7: Sierra Nevada del Cocuy

  • HIGH SCHOOL - Gimnasio fontana


    Grade 8: Gorgona Island

    Grade 9: The Amazon

  • HIGH SCHOOL - Gimnasio fontana


    Grade 10: Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta / Lost City

    Grade 11: Villa de Leyva

The nine principles of Know Colombia

  • Study field trips : Discover something new and do something unexpected. Travel to a place suited to carry out such activities, get a sense of freedom, and encourage self-awareness and a better sense of national and cultural heritage.
  • Integrate the academic curriculum: Participate in integrated projects, which also take place outside the classroom.
  • Do No Harm: Cohabitate responsibly with Nature.
  • Personal Growth: Empower  the individual and make use of every student’s abilities.
  • National Identity: Know and value Colombian national identity
  • A sense of place: Learn about, and value, the customs, natural resources, and cultural heritage of Colombia
  • Environmental Awareness: Create opportunities for reflection on the social responsibilities towards the Environment and planet Earth.
  • Outdoor skills: Develop camping, walking and mountaineering abilities, as well as kayaking, orienteering, climbing and survival skills amongst others.
  • Risk Management: Analyze physical and emotional risks during a field trip and be better prepared to reduce their potential impact.

Student Testimonies

Gimnasio Fontana - Student from Grade 9
The study field trip to the Amazon exceeded our expectations, because we did not expect to find ourselves in such a magical and beautiful place. We were able to connect with “pacha mama” - Mother Earth - in a different way. We learnt not to depend on electronic devices (mobile phones, etc.), and the importance of team work.

- Student from Grade 9 -

Gimnasio Fontana - Student from Grade 7
In the Sierra Nevada del Cocuy, we discovered that the Moorland or “Páramo”, is a beautiful place that needs protection. I learnt how to recognize my own limits, acknowledge my abilities, and understand that we all have difficulties, and how to tolerate this. It is in tough times that we must support each other and respect everyone’s pace.

- Student from Grade 7 -

Gimnasio Fontana - Student from Grade 1
Going to Guatavita was quite an adventure. I now respect Mother Nature even more, and I realize how important it is to visit and enjoy open spaces and the outdoors.

- Student from Grade 1 -

Cultural Exchanges

Cultural Exchanges

The cultural exchange program was born in 2005, to give students learning opportunities related to the languages offered at school (English, French and Spanish) in such a way that they develop life skills, strengthen their autonomy and have multicultural experiences, teaching them to value diversity while establishing their own identity.

Estudiantes Intercambios colegio Gimnasio Fontana

United States

Bandera Estados Unidos.

Designed for Students in Grades 6 to 10

During the exchange, students visit three different destinations in the United States. Each student brings with them a cultural and artistic sample and is hosted by a family. They make presentations in class and have the opportunity to visit important cities and learn about their cultural heritage.

Canadá ( Quebec)

Bandera Canada

Designed for Students in Grades 6 to 10

Students attend a school in the city of Quebec, Canada, to improve their use of the French language. Quebecois families host them, while they attend formal lessons in the mornings and cultural activities in the afternoons.

During the weekends, students go on excursions, including extreme sports, and visits to places like Montreal, Niagara Falls and Toronto. Participants also have the chance to see important artists on stage during the Summer Festival in Quebec.


Gimnasio Fontana - Lucas
I believe that we have helped change Colombia’s negative reputation. Many Americans, French and Canadians have stopped seeing our country as just a jungle, and have understood that we are much more than drug trafficking, terrorism and violence.

- Lucas -

Gimnasio Fontana - Jairo
During this experience I have matured as a person, because one really starts to understand what independence and self-sufficiency mean.

- Jairo -

Gimnasio Fontana - Juan Pablo, Jairo, Lucas and Jaime
We recommend these programs because we have been able to see the world while we learn and grow as individuals, specially in our level of responsibility and autonomy.

- Juan Pablo, Jairo, Lucas and Jaime -

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