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Welcome to our School - Gimnasio Fontana

Gimnasio Fontana

Gimnasio fontan
Gimnasio fontan

You gave them wings,
and together we will teach them how to fly

What If? Creative Thinking - Gimnasio Fontana

What If? Creative Thinking

Building on the amazement and curiosity of children: Questions coming from the children are true triggers for discovery that move them along a path of profound creative learning, research and innovation.  


 - Gimnasio Fontana

Our pedagogic approach seeks to recognize and value the children’s imagination and curiosity as starting points in the path towards the adventure of knowledge and creation.  

Consistent with this approach, for 13 years the School has been working on a research initiative consisting of the integration between arts and sciences as a means to develop creativity.  The outcome is the project called What If?

During 1 or 2 hours every week, all the students from pre-school to 9th grade are exposed to a different learning environment, which affords room for trial and error, diversity and fantasy. 

Libro Las Cien Preguntas más creativas de los niños - Gimnasio Fontana

Las Cien Preguntas más creativas de los niños

How were our bones stuck together? Gimnasio Fontana
Are there colorless things? Gimnasio Fontana
Do the Chinese have blurred vision? Gimnasio Fontana
Why does God not get electrocuted by lightning? Gimnasio Fontana
Why does the sea not overflow? Gimnasio Fontana
Why do adults say “cheers” when they toast? Gimnasio Fontana
Who invented words? Gimnasio Fontana

In 2011, Editorial Planeta published the book “ Las Cien Preguntas más creativas de los niños” (Children’s One Hundred Most Creative Questions), a collection of the experiences and results of our Gimnasio Fontana What If project that highlight the relevance and impact of this project for student education. 

Creativity enables students to face an increasingly complex world not only as a result of globalization, but also because of the dizzying speed at which information technologies develop.  

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This is how a What If class looks like

Trigger questions: 

What other animals live in the sea? 

Is beach the same as ocean? 


To prime the imagination of kinder-garden students, recreating the ecosystem of the beach and putting in practice their knowledge about the animals and plants of this ecosystem, starting from an experiential activity.  


The activity was divided into 3 different stations:

  • Station 1 - Gimnasio fontana

    Station 1

    Group work to make a crab using different materials, considering that they learned in class about the crab as one of the representative animals of the beach ecosystem. 

  • Station 2 - Gimnasio fontana

    Station 2

    The volleyball court was transformed into a beach.  The students play on the sand, building castles or other structures. 

  • Station 3 - Gimnasio fontana

    Station 3

    The water jets in the park become the ocean.  Girls and boys play swimming in them as if they were in the ocean, reflecting about the various animals and plants that may live there. 

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