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Welcome to our School - Gimnasio Fontana

Gimnasio Fontana

Gimnasio fontan
Gimnasio fontan

You gave them wings,
and together we will teach them how to fly

About Us - Gimnasio Fontana

About Us

We are a School accredited by the Council for International Schools (CIS), with 28 years of experience developing our own and unique education model, focusing on each student and the development of their talents and strengths. In doing so, we value and promote democracy, diversity and respect for multiculturalism of ideologies, religions and ethnicities, across all pedagogical activities.



Generamos contextos innovadores para el aprendizaje que le permiten a cada miembro de nuestra comunidad desarrollar la mejor versión de su ser.


En 2027 seremos un referente global en pedagogía de la creatividad y de la sostenibilidad, que actúa como una red transformadora del mundo.

Pedagogical model

Pedagogical model - Gimnasio Fontana

“Our pedagogical model is innovative because we have kept what is valuable from traditional approaches, but have adopted new practices to educate with creativity, responsibility and assertiveness.” – Amparo Triana. Head Teacher

We look at each individual from a humanistic point of view,  and this allows us to develop a pedagogical model focused on the construction of an ethical life-project for each student. Students build this project through self-awareness, identifying and developing their talents and abilities. 

Our pedagogical model is based on:

Nuestro modelo pedagógico es innovador porque hemos rescatado de la tradición lo valioso y hemos adoptado nuevas prácticas para afrontar con creatividad, responsabilidad y asertividad la labor de educar.

Amparo Triana. Directora

Our values

Our values Gimnasio Fontana


to fulfill one’s duties and respect the rights of the community; to act transparently and with fairness.


To accept that we are all different and allow each other to thrive with no limitations other than those the community imposes, as is the case with fundamental rights; to treat others as one would like to be treated and to behave in an exemplary manner. 


to contribute as individuals to the community according to one’s own abilities, and to generate the conditions that will benefit a common good, rejecting indifference and insensitivity; to strengthen team-work and build an environment of cooperation, commitment and the recognition of others.


coherence at Gimnasio Fontana is exemplified when our thoughts, feelings, verbal and non-verbal expressions are in line with the Principles mentioned above.


At the School, autonomy is the ability of each individual to take assertive decisions that allow them to live in our community and society, enjoying freedom but also taking on the responsibilities and consequences of their decisions. 


To be empathic is to perceive what someone else is feeling, and being willing to participate emotionally in that person’s reality, seeking their wellbeing. 


Characteristics - Gimnasio Fontana
  • International Accreditation by the “Council of International Schools” (CIS)
  • Simón Bolívar Prize for Academic Excellence from the Ministry of Education of Colombia.
  • Following the Academic Calendar “B”
  • Bilingual (Spanish, English) with command of a third language (French)
  • Private School
  • Co-educational
  • ICFES results at “Very Superior” Level
  • 17 Graduating Classes to date
  • With close to 1,000 students, divided into four sections: Preschool, Primary, Middle School and High School. 
  • School Campus has been declared National Cultural Patrimony
  • Alumni enrolled at main universities in Colombia and abroad. (hipervínculo a Egresados/Bienvenida)


Students - Gimnasio Fontana

Our students: 

  • Are autonomous, responsible and caring
  • Have analytical, and decision-making skills 
  • Are critical and creative thinkers
  • Are self-disciplined
  • Are aware of their talents and abilities 
  • Act ethically and in accordance with their Values 
  • Are entrepreneurs
  • Have solid intellectual abilities and preparation 
  • Respect diversity 
  • Have a sense of national identity and belonging to their country
  • Are global visionaries

Our School’s atmosphere, both in academic and social settings, is filled with affection and respect for our differences, because we are committed to the wellbeing and happiness of our students.

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