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Welcome to our School - Gimnasio Fontana

Gimnasio Fontana

Gimnasio fontan
Gimnasio fontan

You gave them wings,
and together we will teach them how to fly

Gimnasio Fontana Class of  2014 - Gimnasio Fontana

Gimnasio Fontana Class of 2014

The Graduation Ceremony of the 17th Gimnasio Fontana promotion took place on June 21st, 2014 at Club El Nogal, where 60 students received their Academic Baccalaureate diploma. 

In our 28 years of existence, students of 17 classes have graduated from the school: honest men and women with a Colombian identity and global thinking, competent in the national and international community, and equipped with the necessary tools and values to face a complex, changing world. 

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