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Welcome to our School - Gimnasio Fontana

Gimnasio Fontana

Gimnasio fontan
Gimnasio fontan

You gave them wings,
and together we will teach them how to fly

Welcome to Gimnasio Fontana! - Gimnasio Fontana

Welcome to Gimnasio Fontana!

We are pleased to know that you are looking for a schooling project that will guide and contribute to your children’s education. 

We are committed to providing you with a memorable experience that will help you not only make the right decision but also gain a better knowledge of yourselves as a family, and discover the true potential of your children.  

Why we are different  

  • Every Fontana student is unique, known by his or her name, talents and skills, and deserving respect for his or her own essence.  
  • Our commitment to the wellbeing and happiness of the children is reflected in a caring environment where differences are respected in all academic and social instances.  
  • Boys and girls are approached from a humanistic perspective and we develop a pedagogic model focused on helping students build their own ethical life project supported by self-awareness and the identification and development of their individual talents and skills 



Important information



Please do not hesitate to contact us for any additional information: 

Julieta Sánchez

Admissions Assistant

PBX. (571) 742030 Ext. 122-123 / 3222163477

Natalia Zuleta 

Admissions Director


We want students and families with a strong sense of commitment, convinced of the crucial importance of developing global thinking, autonomy and creativity as essential competencies, and the willingness to team with the school in this endeavor

Natalia Zuleta, Admissions Director

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