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Welcome to our School - Gimnasio Fontana

Gimnasio Fontana

Gimnasio fontan
Gimnasio fontan

You gave them wings,
and together we will teach them how to fly

How many students attend Gimnasio Fontana?

The total number of students at the present time is 953, distributed in 4 academic levels: 

  • Preschool (Pre-kinder, Kinder and Transition): 178 students
  • Primary (Grades 1 to 4): 278 students
  • Middle School (Grades 5 to 7): 227  students
  • High School (Grades 8 to 11): 270 students
Does the school offer extra-curricular activities?

Yes. Extracurricular activities are consistent with the school’s philosophy and they have been designed to strengthen and reinforce cognitive talents and skills through play and leisure opportunities that contribute to our stundents’ optimal performance.  Students participate voluntarily in all extra-curricular activities.  

Two cycles of sports and cultural activities are offered during the school year. See more

Extracurricular Activities

How does the transportation service work?

Transportes Loyola has been providing the transportation service for four years now, in vehicles that ensure the comfort and safety required by our students.  

The Company is certified under ISO 90001, 14001 y 180001, and is currently in the process of obtaining the Carbon Footprint certification.  

The fleet comprises 47 vehicles, including vans, big and small buses that cover Bogota, Chía, Cota and part of Cajicá with their routes.  

Exclusive transportation is provided to pre-school students and transportation is door-to-door up to 2nd grade.

Transport Service

How does the food service work?

At Gimnasio Fontana we recognize the importance of diet as an integral component of human development.  For this reason, we offer a healthy and balanced diet for light meals and lunch, based on the concept of “Market Cooking”. 

We strive to ensure that students develop healthy feeding habits from an early age, and to recognize and value the importance of the dining room as a place for sharing and socializing.  

Lunch is offered for all levels – Pre-school, Primary, Middle and High school. Children from pre-kinder to first grade receive two light meals aside from lunch. 

After 2nd grade, students are allowed to buy snacks from the wide range of healthy food items sold at the snack bar. 

Students who need it have access to special diets, including vegetarian, kosher or prescribed diets.

Find out about meals and nutrition

How are values taught?

The school emphasizes the development of autonomy in the students in the form of their ability to make assertive decisions, relate with authority and abide by the rules out of conviction and understanding of those rules. 

In this regard, our school has been defined as a democratic institution where values are taught in an environment that promotes permanent dialogue and reflection as a means for our students to become respectful, honest and dependable human beings. 

Values and Global Citizenship

Does the school have a particular religious orientation?

The school is non-denominational, which means that there is no religion class/subject. Emphasis is made on teaching overarching values, common to all religions. 

We promote respect for diversity and it is important for the school to ensure that students learn other ways to see the world. Because of cultural reasons, the majority of the families are catholic, and the school has a chaplain who says mass throughout the year and heads the process of preparation for first communion. However, catholic practice is not considered mandatory in the school. 

Is there a student exchange program?

Gimnasio Fontana offers comprehensive student exchange options for Middle and High school students. Exchange students benefit from a multicultural experience that revolves around knowledge, study and practice, through exposure not only to different languages but also to different cultures and traditions. The following are the exchange opportunities offered during the year: 

  • January: Exchange to the United States (4 weeks) 
  • July: Exchange to French-speaking Canada (4 weeks)
  • March-April: 6 weeks in a French-speaking boarding school (for students of 10th and 11th grades) 

Exchanges are available for students from 6th to 11th grade.  They stay with families previously selected by the school, they travel with teachers, and attend classes in previously selected schools.   estudiantes de sexto a once grado.
 Se hospedan en casas de familia previamente seleccionadas por el colegio, van acompañados por profesores y asisten a clases a escuelas previamente seleccionadas.

Find out about our Cultural Exchanges


Does the School have native/foreign teachers?

Yes. We have native teachers in different subject areas apart from English and French.  Foreign teachers are selected through the Council of International Schools recruitment fairs organized in Europe and the United States.  

Is the school part of the International Baccalaureate system?

No.  Given the peculiarities of our Fontana curriculum that promotes the integration between arts and sciences at all times, and due to the recognition the School has received, we chose the International Accreditation that allows validation of our own system at an international level. 

The School has been accredited by the Council of International Schools since 2008. See more..  Link a Modelo Pedagógico/ acreditación Internacional 

This international accreditation system allows the school to work within a framework of continuous improvement in which all teaching and administrative processes are subjected to rigorous follow-up.  

What is the child’s date of birth used as cut-off to apply to Pre-kinder and kinder?

Although we do not use specific dates of birth, children enter school when they are 4 years old or close to reaching that age (at the latest in December).

How many places are available every year?


Every year, approximately 75 places are opened for Pre-Kinder, 10 for Kinder and 10 for Transition.

How many students per class?

There are 3 classes of 25 students in each grade  (A, B y C) 

In Pre-kinder and Kinder, there is a form tutor and a specialized teacher assistant in each class. 

Is there any form of financial support?

Yes. The school has set up a recognition system designed to reward its students for their academic and social values and strengths.  Scholarships are awarded, one per level on a yearly basis, to outstanding students. 


Please do not hesitate to contact us for any additional information: 

Julieta Sánchez

Admissions Assistant

PBX. (571) 742030 Ext. 122-123 / 3115779515

Natalia Zuleta 

Admissions Director


We want students and families with a strong sense of commitment, convinced of the crucial importance of developing global thinking, autonomy and creativity as essential competencies, and the willingness to team with the school in this endeavor

Natalia Zuleta, Admissions Director

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