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Welcome to our School - Gimnasio Fontana

Gimnasio Fontana

Gimnasio fontan
Gimnasio fontan

You gave them wings,
and together we will teach them how to fly

Admission Process - Gimnasio Fontana

Admission Process

The school admissions process is carried out in a personalized way . We seek to create opportunities to meet families depth and identify interest , talents and abilities of applicants.

Step 1

Informative Meeting about the school   

Learn additional details about the most important components of the School’s Education Project and Philosophy.

  • When:On the last week of every month 
  • Place: Club el Nogal
  • Time: 6:00 p.m – 8:00 p.m


Register for a tour of the school:

Take a guided tour of our facilities to get a closer look at our school.  Please call to make an appointment for a morning tour from Monday to Friday. 

Step 2

Register for the admission process

To start the admission process please download the Online Application Form

After you complete the form, contact us to assign you an appointment for the evaluation and the interview.  

  • Tel:(571) 742030 Ext. 122-123 / 3222163477
  • Mail:

Step 3

Interview and evaluation

When you receive your appointment for the Admission process, please make sure to come to the school on the specific date and time.  You will need to be available during the whole morning, starting at 8:00 a.m.  

What does the Evaluation consist of? 

Parents interview: 

All parents wishing to become members of the Gimnasio Fontana community must attend a group interview and then an individual interview.  The school seeks to gain knowledge of the family values and philosophy and ensure that they are in line with our education project.  This process will take place on the same day as the student’s evaluation. 

Student evaluation: 


At this level, the school seeks to identify essential aspects related to basic learning devices. The children are observed initially in a classroom setting where they have a chance to share with other students of the school during the morning.  

This observation provides us with information about their potential integration with peers and teachers.  After this observation, children work individually on tasks prepared from the perspective of Speech and Occupational therapy.  The goal is to identify their language and motor strengths and skills.

Primary, Middle and High School 

Although the school does not usually take students in these grades, there are occasions when there are places available, and possibilities to enroll new students may be opened depending on the results and the specific case.  

 In the event such a place is opened, the process consists of a test on the content pertaining to the grade, always including English.  Besides the written test, a speech and occupational assessment is also performed in order to look deeper into the competencies of the applicant. Additionally, applicants must have an interview with the psychologist of the corresponding level.  


Step 4


Parents are asked to submit hard copies of all the documents required for the admission process on the same day of the evaluation. 


  • Printed application form
  • Birth certificate 
  • Recent photograph (3X4 cm)
  • One family picture
  • Academic Record (Pre-school students: Pre-kinder, Kinder and Transition. It must be completed by the Pre-School and submitted in a sealed envelope). 
  • Therapeutic report: It must be completed in the event the child is receiving occupational or speech therapy (for pre-school and primary students). 
  • Grades of the previous two years (for Primary, Middle and High school students).  
  • Personal Information form (for Middle and High school students.  It must be submitted in a sealed envelope). 
  • Discipline Certificate (for Middle and High school students). 





  • Two personal references
  • Job certificate head of the household. 
  • Income and payroll taxes certificate, and income tax return. 
  • Bank statements of the past three months.  
  • Payment receipt of the application fee.  
  • *The application fee is $200,000 pesos. Please make a deposit to the name of Gimnasio Fontana at Banco de Crédito, checking account # 014353130 or Banco de Occidente, checking account # 230053324.



Step 5

Reply and Feedback 

One week after completing Step 3 (interview and evaluation), you will receive thorough feedback by phone or in person, together with the results of the process. 

Likewise, once the documents are reviewed you will then receive an e-mail with the information regarding the deadline for your decision on whether you want to reserve a place for your child. 


Step 6

Reservation of a place and Enrollment 

Once you receive confirmation that your child has been accepted, you have 10 working days to reserve a place in the school.  Please follow the instructions you receive by e-mail.  

For the enrollment process you will receive an e-mail with all the information regarding deadlines, forms that need to be completed, and payments. ¡Welcome to Gimnasio Fontana! 


Please do not hesitate to contact us for any additional information: 

Julieta Sánchez

Admissions Assistant

PBX. (571) 742030 Ext. 122-123 / 3222163477

Natalia Zuleta 

Admissions Director


We want students and families with a strong sense of commitment, convinced of the crucial importance of developing global thinking, autonomy and creativity as essential competencies, and the willingness to team with the school in this endeavor

Natalia Zuleta, Admissions Director

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